The #1 Covid PCR lab for foreigners in Budapest

How will your sample be taken?

We use the standard nose/throat sampling procedure, because this is the most efficient in 2023.

You shouldn’t consume food, drink, chew gum, rinse, smoke, or brush your teeth 4-6 hours prior to your sample being taken.

If you do, your sample may produce false results. And we can’t assume responsibility for any resulting false or potentially unsuccessful tests.

Book a PCR test easily

PCR test price: 19,500 HUF*

(*With Hungarian Health Insurance Card the price is 13,900 HUF.)

Please, check in at Implantcenter, on the corner of the street, roughly 15 steps away.

Book your test on this number: +3614220808

Press 3 on your phone to reach an English speaking operator immediately

*(For those who arrive after 15:30, we will send the test result by 12:00 the next day.)